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Application process

Applications for the ECA CMP are welcome from any ECA Member Club.

Applications can be made by an online form together with a link to the LinkedIn profile of the applicant.

Complete the application with a recommendation letter from the club and a short video (optional) to present yourself.

After all the applications have been received and verified, the ECA CMP Scientific Panel together with the ECA CMP Administration will select the programme participants for the third edition.

The 1st deadline for submitting applications is 14:00 CET on 15th of May 2019, and the 2nd and final deadline is 14:00 CET on 15th of September 2019.

The final decision will be communicated to applicants by October 2019.

Admission Criteria

Individual participants will be selected based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Professional experience within club football
  • Level of seniority within the club
  • English language knowledge level
  • Academic qualification
  • Level of support demonstrated by the applicant’s club
  • Number of applicants from the same club
  • The track record of previous applications for CMP
  • Diversity of the group of participants (female applicants will be given priority)


Course fees have been set significantly below market rates, and have four price levels. The first level is for clubs from ECA Subdivision 1, the second for clubs Subdivision 2, the third for clubs Subdivision 3, whilst the fourth one is for clubs from ECA Subdivision 4. This makes the CMP affordable and accessible for all clubs across the ECA Membership. The fees include access to all course materials, sessions and the premium access to the online portal, meals on the days of the sessions as well as the introductory session and the graduation ceremony. Course fees exclude individual travel and accommodation for participants, however, the ECA CMP administration will provide participants with access to special and economical rates for accommodation near session venues.

FEES* FOR 2019/23:

  • ECA Subdivision 1 Clubs: €6´000 (Associations 1–6)
  • ECA Subdivision 2 Clubs: €4´000 (Associations 7–15)
  • ECA Subdivision 3 Clubs: €3´000 (Associations 16–28)
  • ECA Subdivision 4 Clubs: €2´000 (Associations 29-below)

*(Subdivision rankings according to the cycle 2019-23)


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