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Find answers and general information quickly about the Club Management Programme.

The CMP was created following the success of the ECA Club Management Guide and the request from clubs to organise intensive sessions for their staff on specific matters with more instruction, exchange and smaller-scale groups for optimal results of interaction. Moreover, it was important for ECA to provide clubs a dynamic platform in which they can continue their development within all areas of club management. The CMP helps to put the ideas and topics raised in the CMG into an interactive, challenging and practical working environment.

The programme is designed so that participants will gain a comprehensive overview of all aspects of club management and learn from the best specialists in the field. On a more personal level, the knowledge obtained will help the participants grow within their club structure, while also helping to develop a strong professional network.

The CMP will provide clubs with the possibility to offer their current management the chance to be acquainted with a variety of club management topics. This is also useful for clubs wishing to prepare their future senior management to gain a more complete overview of club activities. Moreover, the programme provides a balance of concepts and tools, with a strong practical focus and an open exchange for clubs from diverse backgrounds.

After the completion of the course, participants will be able to transfer the knowledge and skills gained into their own operational and managerial environments, helping their clubs to develop. The curriculum, which follows the CMG and is based around the activities and environment of clubs, will provide clubs with the expertise and know-how in order to help them develop and deal with challenges and problems they may face.

The CMP will run over a year and a half, starting in November 2019 and finishing in June 2021. It will consist of six two-day sessions held in some of the most iconic football venues, with each session focusing on a different topic of club management. The programme will offer a mix of academic and professional lectures, case studies from clubs, as well as interactive group working sessions and countless opportunities for networking.

For more information: Click here

There will be at least one extra session

Following the successful editions of the CMP, and since most participants were either from the side of senior management or from the football department, a feature has been included in the programme to recognise this framework. The feature consists of extra sessions that will enable participants to gain in-depth knowledge on topics related to Leadership, Technology and Innovation, and become acquainted with some cutting-edge thinking in these areas. The sessions will involve CMP1 and CMP2 alumni, and this will allow participants to gain additional insights into these topics beyond the content of the core sessions.

The six sessions of the CMP are designed to give the participants a complete overview of club football management. Additionally, the extra sessions will be organised in order to offer the participants the possibility to choose one extra session of their choice. The participants will be encouraged to choose only one of these sessions but could exceptionally be granted permission to attend both sessions upon specific request.

More information on the extra sessions will be given to the CMP participants upon the start of the programme.

In order to avoid clashes with club responsibilities, sessions will take place during national team breaks according to the international match calendar. This will offer participants the maximum chance of attending the sessions. Furthermore, with a lot of information to take in during the sessions, the time frame chosen provides the participants with enough time to digest the information and prepare for the next gathering.

It is recommended that participants study the topics and prepare for the sessions beforehand, as this will better prepare them for the sessions and enable them to raise any questions they may have on the topics. The CMP team will provide participants with resources, pre-readings and information through a LinkedIn group and via the online platform, which can be studied outside of the sessions.

The idea behind the academic partnership with Stockholm Business School (SBS) was to further enhance the academic content of the programme. Furthermore, SBS will assist ECA in providing the most suitable and experienced speakers, both academic and practitioner, for the sessions. SBS will also be present during the sessions and will assist the ECA CMP team on additional panels or moderate group work.

SBS was involved in the production of the Club Management Guide and provided a good level of collaboration, support and experience, which further strengthened the relationship with ECA.

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate will be delivered by ECA in association with SBS, which is a department of Stockholm University. In order to successfully complete the programme and receive the certificate, participants must attend a minimum of 10 out 12 days (+extras). However, the programme is non-credit awarding, since this provides maximum flexibility in terms of the way it is structured and delivered.

Applications can only be done via the online platform under the Enrol section: ENROL HERE. In order to apply for the CMP, participants must provide their personal details along with a recommendation letter from the club, a link to their LinkedIn profile and an optional video. There are 2 deadlines for submitting applications. The 1st is on 15th of May 2019 (14:00 CET), and the 2nd and final is on 15th of September 2019 (14:00 CET).

The CMP is designed specifically for ECA Member Clubs, and therefore admission to the programme will be granted to representatives from ECA Member Clubs in the 2019/23 club cycle (which will be finalised by the end of June 2019), regardless of Ordinary Member or Associate Member status. The CMP is intended for the top management of clubs, and the programme content is designed to be useful and relevant to clubs of all levels.

However, applications from club representatives from non-ECA Members may be taken into consideration on a very limited basis, and will be subject to individual approval from the ECA CMP Scientific Panel. The cost of the programme for non-ECA Members will be €10’000.

Participants who leave an ECA Member Club but are registered and have already started the programme are allowed to continue the CMP only with written permission from their former club, signed by the chairman. Any changes in circumstances must be communicated to the ECA CMP team as soon as possible.

The CMP aims to give its participants a complete overview of club football management rather than focus on individual aspects, and therefore it is not possible to attend only one of the sessions. The main idea is for participants to sign up with the intention to develop their knowledge and skills in all areas of club management.

In order to successfully complete the CMP, participants need to attend a minimum of 10 out of 12 days (+extras). For those wishing to look more in depth into specific aspects of club operations and management, ECA also runs a number of subject-specific workshops during the normal operational cycle (currently 2019-23), details of which you can always find in ECA communications.

The club cannot register and send a different person each time, as the registration is done per participant and not per club. This is because the CMP aims to give its participant an all-round overview of club football management and not just specific aspects and topics. However, more than one participant from the same club can apply.

Once the participants have been selected for the programme, a bank payment will be required within 10 days of selection. The ECA bank details will be provided once the selection of participants has taken place. If the payment has not been paid within the 10 days, participants will be automatically placed on the waiting list.

Please note that the fee is non-refundable. Once paid, a participant will not be able to recuperate the fee.

The course fees have been subsidised by the ECA Board, and are thus significantly below market rates. There are four price levels according to the four ECA Subdivisions (cycle 2019/2023): the first level is for clubs from ECA Subdivision 1, the second for ECA Subdivision 2, the third for ECA Subdivision 3, whilst the fourth is for clubs from ECA Subdivision 4.

Course fees:

ECA Subdivision 1: €6’000 (Associations 1 – 6)

ECA Subdivision 2: €4’000 (Associations 7 – 15)

ECA Subdivision 3: €3’000 (Associations 16 – 28)

ECA Subdivision 4: €2’000 (Associations 29 and below)

The price differentiation makes the CMP affordable for all clubs across the ECA membership. The idea is that all Member Clubs should be given the opportunity to participate and benefit from the CMP in order to help them develop.

The ECA Executive Board is supportive of the initiative and is subsidising the ECA CMP.

For more information regarding UEFA National Associations rankings: Click here

After the applications have been received and verified, the ECA CMP Scientific Panel together with the ECA CMP Organisational Group will select the programme participants. The selection will be based on the following criteria: professional experience within club football, English language knowledge level, academic qualification, level of seniority within the club, level of support demonstrated by the applicant’s club, number of applicants from the same club, the track record of previous applications for CMP, and the diversity of the group of participants (priority will be given to female applicants).

If the participant does not have a LinkedIn profile, it is possible to send in a CV instead. Participants who do not have a LinkedIn profile should send in their CVs to However, it is recommended that candidates either create or use their LinkedIn account, as there will be a group created where candidates can access further resources.

It is recommended that participants study the topics and prepare for the sessions beforehand, as this will better prepare them for the sessions and enable them to bring along any questions they may have on the topics. The CMP team will provide participants with resources and information through a LinkedIn group and via the online platform, which can be studied outside of the sessions.

It is possible that in some locations, participants may require a Visa, therefore, ECA will provide assistance to these participants. If a Visa is required, please contact the ECA Administration well in time before the session (min. 3 weeks).


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