Who is behind the ECA CMP?

ECA CMP Scientific Panel

The ECA CMP Scientific Panel is an invaluable asset to the programme, since they all have a vast experience in club management. Through their expertise, the ECA CMP Scientific Panel members support the content of the programme, ensuring a high quality input to the ECA CMP sessions. The ECA CMP Scientific Panel consists of the following members:

Diogo Paiva Brandão

Former FC Porto Commercial CEO & Former ECA Executive Board Member

Campbell Ogilvie

Chairman of the ECA Scientific Panel Former President of the Scottish FA, Rangers FC & Heart of Midlothian

Ignacio Palacios Huerta

Athletic FC Board Member & Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy at the London School of Economics (LSE)

Ilaria Quattrociocche

FC Internazionale Milano HR Director

Ian Richardson

Director of Executive Education and Director MSc Strategic Public & Political Marketing, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University

Bernhard Heusler

Former FC Basel 1893 Chairman

Aki Riihilahti

HJK Helsinki CEO & ECA Executive Board Member


The ECA CMP Team is responsible for the content and the quality of the programme. The team designs, plans and supervises the sessions including its structure and syllabus. The team is in charge of the overall running of the programme to insure that it meets the needs and expectations of the participants.

The ECA CMP Team consists of the following:

Konstantin Kornakov

LTT Sports Strategy Council Member & ECA CMP Partner

Olivier Jarosz

ECA CMP Director

Siri Wallenius

ECA CMP Officer



An academic partnership has been agreed for session 2016/17 with SBS. The partnership which supports the “academic” part of the programme will further enhance the quality of the sessions. Moreover, SBS will assist ECA in providing the most suitable speakers to the sessions and the presentations used will be made available to the participants.

Stockholm Business School belongs to Stockholm University and is ranked in the top 100 academic ranking of world universities. The University, which dates back to 1878, is a regional centre for research and education. SBS is responsible for educating business leaders and managers of the future in both the private and public sector. The school aims to develop the learning process in such a way that creative thinking and critical reasoning are the guiding principles for the entire study programme. The courses are based on the latest research. Close contacts with the worlds of business and research, both at a national and international level, allow them to offer a transnational education.

The last session and the ceremony of the ECA Club Management Programme will take place at the Stockholm Business School in June 2019.


LTT will be used as a Club Expertise Partner and will advise and assist the ECA team throughout the programme. They will help to ensure that the programme content and delivery is carried out the best standards. LTT will also have a prominent role in the organisation of the CMP.

LTT Sports is a network of like-minded individuals who have a dream of developing and improving the sports industry through effective management practices, knowledge generation and distribution, creativity and a strong professional ethos. With extensive experience in the areas of business and finance consulting, sports management, sports operations, research and analysis, LTT Sports is a new team with experienced players that is already delivering strong results in our knowledge-based world.


A digital partnership has been agreed between Blossoming and ECA for the CMP. Blossoming will aid with the digital aspect of the programme and in particular the creation of the online platform www.ECA-CMP.com. ECA has used Blossoming for other projects in the past including the Club Management Guide and  their innovative and easy to use platform will serve as a valuable asset for the programme.

Blossoming is a visual Design studio, where creative people enjoy working together, providing Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, WebDesign and Video Direction. They use a distinctive visual language, helping every client meet his communication needs in the most effective way.